Music as a Gateway to Multi-Disciplinary Learning

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“All Access” is an innovative teaching program with a unique broad-spectrum curriculum utilizing music as a platform for enhancing learning.


It is widely accepted through academic and scientific research that music activities are an essential precursor to reading, and a foundational aid in vocabulary. Sound sequences, melody discrimination and singing coupled with motor activities and visual stimuli can greatly enhance a child’s academic intuition and comprehension.

Close Up With Mozart Puppet
Learning about Mozart with Mozart

All Access” teaches multi-dimensionally.

Many programs teach. Two innovative elements make “All Access” standout:

  1. The “All Access” Program draws children in by using puppet characters, each with an intriguing biography that includes their ancestry, personal history, personality traits and talents, even dreams and life philosophy.
  2. “All Access” places the music into a cultural and historical context, creatively framing that information with sound, motion and originality.

“All Access” is textured, transporting and tactile. It never speaks down to children, is never sophomoric or over-simplified. It’s an intelligent, illuminating education experience using creative sound and accompanying motion.

Music is a teaching tool

Designed from well-documented best practices and current thinking in education, this full academic-year program uses original music. The weekly lessons are planned around a specific genre from a catalogue of twenty diverse categories. Originally written songs reflect a “soundtrack” for the story line of each lesson and are composed and arranged for each particular genre. Along with the puppet characters, children also benefit from live performance, locomotion, and hands-on instrument learning and songwriting, all of which ensure increased participation and elevated comprehension.

All Access Students

As an administrator, thousands of programs have crossed my desk, but few have sparked the enthusiasm elicited by Dream Jam World's "All Access: Music as a Gateway to Multi-disciplinary Learning".
Read Frank Fanelli's Full Endorsement

Lessons focus on essential music theory:

Lessons are taught by music teachers, who are professional musicians, the classroom “Teaching Artists”. The format offers opportunities for literary responses:

All part of thoughtful reasoning and problem-solving situations capable of enriching actual, age-appropriate, life and social-emotional experiences. The sessions include and recognize tolerance, respect, empathy, self-esteem and conflict resolution.

Content areas include:

Students receive a personal CD packet with music, lyrics and narrative highlights that they can share with family members to reinforce, and practice at home, what they’ve learned in the program.

The “All Access” Program has been integrated into Kindergarten classrooms at the Port Chester New York School District, with a long-range goal of expanding “All Access” to full K-12 initiatives.

Thank you to Elyse and Chuck Weisenfeld, guardian angels to the children of Port Chester.

Thank you to Richard Taninbaum, Rhythm Tech, Inc. for his generosity and support of the Dream Jam All Access Music program in the schools.

Click here to download the brochure for the All Access - Music as a Gateway to Multi-Disciplinary Learning program.

Video Clip edited by Nicky Kulund

We've learned a lot through music its true,
And we've had lots of fun while doing it too,
With Cori, Barry G and Maestro C,
All through music, we learned history.
No it didn't stop there, the learning went on,
We learned of foreign places
and of some we've grown fond.
New vocabulary words were learned each session,
And reaching in that big bag of tricks has become our obsession.
Yes, we've learned fun songs and some dance moves too,
But this would not have been possible without each of you.
Your time with us has truly been great,
In fact we think all of you are really first rate.
Thank you for keeping us happy and smiling,
and sharing such wonderful musical stylings.

Ms. Vita
Kindergarten teacher
Park Avenue School

All Access Gateway to Learning Mrs O'Brian Park

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