On the beat with Nicky

On the Beat with Nicky

Hi everybody! It's me, Nicky. I've been having so much fun exploring the world, searching for cool and interesting things to show and tell you about. Here's my first episode. Come with me on my journey to Theodore Roosevelt Island, located in Washington, D.C. I'm going to show you what nature is and hopefully we'll run into Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th President of the United States of America. Who wants to come with me? Well then come on, LET'S GO!!


When I am not out exploring, I play drums and sing in the Dream Jam Band. I've been playing since I was a kid. The first time I sat behind a drum set I was able to play a beat and I've kept that beat ever since.

After high school I studied percussion at The Atlanta Institute of Music, then went to Boston to drum and sing in rock and roll and blues bands. I followed my dreams to New York City, where I played before 12,000 people at Madison Square Garden. I thought, “this is how an astronaut must feel when the space shuttle is blasting off.” Now that was fun! Another high point was playing at the Dublin Film Festival in Ireland and entertaining U2's Bono.

Nicky DrumsI kept practicing and became good enough to be featured in the New Blood section of DRUM! Magazine. Believe me, practicing is very important! I kept playing the beat and was asked to play on many records and soundtracks, including two of Edward Burns’ films. If you watch television, you’ve probably heard my drumming on commercials.

Early in 2009, I joined the Dream Jam Band and played on the album, Leave it in the Soup. Soon Iíll be touring with Universal artist, Barry G and the Dream Jam Kids in support of his new album just released on myKaZoo Music called, Huh Uh.

Nicky beats the drumsI love acting! I appeared in Edward Burns’ webisode, The Lynch Pin, which took place in New Orleans. I also had a blast playing a drummer in the Kate Hudson romantic-comedy, Something Borrowed. I'm now having fun performing in a Dream Jam Production called, Melody’s Musical Adventure.

My new love is filmmaking. I'm having so much fun filming this series called On the Beat with Nicky, where I get to introduce kids to interesting places and things, in ways that broaden their horizons. I also enjoy filming interviews. I get to meet musical stars such as Pedrito Martinez and Davell Crawford, children’s authors Patricia Polacco and Dan Yaccarino, and master puppeteer, Larry Engler.

My advice to young musicians is to practice, practice, practice, and work on things you don't know how to do. It's fun to learn new things!!


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