My name is Jorge Santos and I am a bilingual kindergarten teacher at the JFK/ELC Magnet School in Port Chester, New York. It is my pleasure to commend the Kindergarten All Access Music Program for its educational value in our school district. Frank Corrado as Maestro C and Linda Shell as Linda Mae are educators that truly instill the love for music/arts and cultures around the world in our school. Besides their true talents in their field and love for children, Frank and Linda (Dream Jam Band) are essential in our kindergarten curriculum because our students come from low income homes which do not have the opportunities to be exposed to music and the arts otherwise.

Respecetfully, Jorge Santos

The Dream Jam Band is a wonderful experience for our children. Each week they "travel" to a new place learning about different music, instruments and where they originated. My students look forward to the special guests, their big bag of objects, and singing and dancing with new instruments each week. So much Fun, Fun, Fun!!

Michelle Capparelli
Kindergarten Teacher, JFK-ELC School, Port Chester

We can learn so much through music! The Dream Jam Band is an amazing learning experience. The children are excited, engaged and enthusiastic about their weekly Dream Jam visit. A truly enjoyable experience for everyone. Thank you Dream Jam Band for enriching the Kindergarten curriculum.

-Mrs. Karen Provenzano
Kindergarten Teacher - Park Avenue School

The Dream Jam Band was an outstanding musical program for our students! It taught them so much about different genres of music! Every week the students and I looked forward to what new music we would be introduced to! It was interactive, educational and engaging and I wish we would have them for the entire year!

Ms. Kathy Franceschini- Kindergarten Teacher
- Park Avenue Elementary School Kathy Franceschini Park Avenue Elementary School

“I loved the program! I’m not sure who looked more forward to the weekly visit; me or the students. I learned a few things and I know the class did too. I cannot say enough about how wonderful each Friday morning was with Dream Jam All Access, Thank you for everything!”

Ms. Vita, Kindergarten teacher

Dream Jam All Access is a music program not only for students learning but also for their teachers!

Why? Through music the students were exposed to a number of learning concepts ranging from language arts to culture to social studies to feelings, etc. They learned that music is a “fabric” of everyone’s life. It surrounds you no matter who you are, where you are or what you do.

The students traveled around the world by listening and experimenting with different types of music. The type of student you were did not matter. Each student was challenged to try their best and encouraged to participate. Individual differences were recognized and praised, Hands on activities were age/grade appropriate. The sprinkling of child humor kept the children feeling the program was for them.

Many times during the year, children referred back to a concept that was presented during the music class. From a teacher’s viewpoint, it was very rewarding to see them apply their experiences to other lessons.The program is truly “GREAT” and a welcomed change from traditional music programs. Keep up the “GREAT” work!

Ms. Ruth-Anne Cosgrove, Kindergarten Teacher, King Street School, Port Chester, NY

“The program was excellent! The students love to sing the songs and dance to the music. They enjoy playing the instruments. The students were always asking, “are we having music today?” They really enjoy everything you all did!”

Ms. Vasquez, Kindergarten teacher

The Dream Jam All Access program was an amazing experience. The students were so excited and looked forward to Friday’s when they came. Providing all of the students with a CD was very generous and we are thankful for having them. We hope we see you again next year. I learned so much about music and how to integrate it during the day. Thank you for all you have done”

Ms. Esquivels, Kindergarten Teacher

“I have nothing bad to say about anything. Your program was interactive and interdisciplinary and the students LOVED it!

Keep rockin! We love you!”

Ms. Roskell, Kindergarten teacher

“The students enjoyed the ALL Access music team. They looked forward to your visits every Friday. They were also able to make connections from the lessons you taught during reading time. For example, while reading Knuffle Bunny, the students said the characters hair looked like Elvis. I am so glad you provided this experience to the class and look forward to the program next year!”

Ms. O’Brien, Kindergarten Teacher, Park Avenue School

“I have been teaching for 34 years- This is by far the best music program. The students have learned so much- music, history, dance, art, beat, story elements-Thank you!”

Ms. Laurie Glockenberg, Teacher King Street School

The Dream Jam Book Club brings books to life! Upon entering the room children are transported into the pages they have read. Each child leaves with a huge smile on his or her face & a yearning to read more. It is the most unique & magical program offered & instills a love of books & reading that is a gift which will last a lifetime.

Shari Dusansky

Both my kids have participated in the Dream Jam Book Club & it is quite possibly their favorite place to play, listen to books & music & just have the best time! The creativity & commitment to expanding children’s minds is unsurpassed – there is simply nothing else like it!

Holle Levy

The Dream Jam Book Club is a great class for both boys & girls. It excites the children with the classes’ creativity. Each week, both my son & daughter looked forward to the “unexpected” fun & stories that they acted out & read! The class is educational & fun!!!

Abbie Hansburg

My kids have both taken the Dream Jam Book Club & love it! They look forward to going each week because each is fun, new & exciting. They love this class!!

Liz Levy

My 4 year old daughter loves the Dream Jam Book Club. She can not wait to get home & read the next book & then she looks forward to the upcoming classes all week. It is a pleasure as a parent to have something educational & fun for after school.

Lauren Solomon


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